The Attorney General’s Department has directed police to investigate Sachithra Senanayake on match-fixing charges.

According to Sri Lankan media, the Attorney General’s Department ordered the Police Division Investigating Sports-Related Offences to commence legal procedures against former cricketer Sachithra Senanayake.
The judgement follows an investigation into suspicions of match-fixing during the inaugural Lank Premier League.

Two players who competed in the aforementioned competition filed formal charges against Senanayake, stating that he approached them with match-fixing propositions. The players’ allegations prompted the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation, which resulted in the decision to seek legal action.

Sachithra Senanayake, a well-known figure in cricket, is facing serious charges that could have far-reaching implications. If found guilty in court, he may face a heavy punishment of Rs 100 million or jail for up to ten years, or both. Senanayake is the first local cricketer to be prosecuted by this police unit, therefore the case has gotten a lot of attention from both the cricketing community and the general public.

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