Sri Lanka’s performances in subcontinent conditions 

The Sri Lankan team had to face the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifiers 2023 in Zimbabwe as they were not able to directly qualify for the World Cup in India due to their poor performances during the ICC Cricket World Cup Super League matches. However, the Sri Lankan team has now qualified for the ICC World Cup 2023, having won all the matches they have faced so far.

Even though Sri Lanka is unable to directly qualify for the Cricket World Cup 2023, Sri Lanka is a great Cricketing nation with a great history. Sri Lanka won the 1996 World Cup, the 2014 Twenty20 World Cup, and the 2002 Champions Trophy. Also, they were runners-up in the 2007 and 2011 World Cups and the runner-up in the 2009 and 2012 Twenty20 World Cups.

However, Sri Lanka will enter the ICC Cricket World Cup as an Underdog. No one will believe that Sri Lanka will be able to beat highly ranked teams in the upcoming World Cup. Even Sri Lankan legend Muttiah Muralitharan predicted that India, Pakistan, Australia, and England would qualify for the semi-finals.

Murali predicted the semi-finalists without Sri Lanka

But no one can predict Sri Lanka in the big events, especially in the Indian subcontinent conditions. In recently concluded Asia Cup, Sri Lanka showed their capacity in the big tournament. Can Sri Lanka repeat its previous performance in India, where the World Cup will be held this year?

Sri Lanka’s performances in subcontinent conditions 
Year Host Nation(s) Event Sri Lanka’s Position 
1996 India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka ICC Cricket World Cup  Winners
2002 Sri Lanka ICC Champions Trophy  Co-Champions
2011 India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh ICC Cricket World Cup  Runner-Up
2012 Sri Lanka ICC T20 World Cup Runner-Up
2014 Bangladesh ICC T20 World Cup Winners
2016 India ICC T20 World Cup Group Stage

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