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Sri Lanka is the only team to have participated in every Asia Cup

The 16th edition of the ACC Asia Cup schedule will be played from August 30th in Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan will take part in the tournament.

Nepal qualified for the Asia Cup for the first time in their cricket history. India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka made their first appearances in the Aisa Cup in 1984, in the first edition. 

Since the beginning of the Asia Cup in 1984, 15 teams have taken part in the tournament, and Sri Lanka is the only team to have featured in all 16 editions of the ACC Asia Cup main tournament.

Bahrain,Kuwait,Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are still unable to qualify for the main tournament. Bangladesh made their debut in the main tournament in 1986, while Afghanistan made their first appearance in 2014.

India missed the second edition of the Asia Cup in 1986. Sri Lanka hosted the tournament, and India pulled out due to soured cricketing relations with Sri Lanka after a controversial series in Sri Lanka the previous year.

In 1990, Pakistan didn’t participate in the Asia Cup, which was held in India, due to strained political relations with India.

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