Manoj Tiwary has announced his retirement from Cricket

37-year-old Indian batsman Manoj Tiwary has announced his retirement from all forms of cricket. Manoj Tiwary posted a post on his official Instagram account saying good-bye to the game of Cricket.

Goodbye to the game of cricket. This game has given me everything, I mean every single thing which I had never dreamt of,starting from the times when my life were challenged by different forms of difficulties. Will ever be grateful to this game and to the GOD, who has always been in my side throughout. Taking this opportunity to convey my sincere gratitude to the people who all have played a part in my cricketing journey. Thank you to my all my coaches starting from my childhood till last year who all have played a part in my cricketing achievements. Manabendra Ghosh, my father figure like coach has been the pillar in the cricketing journey. If he had not been there then I would had not reached anywhere in cricketing circle. Thank u Sir and wish u a speedy recovery, as your health is not keeping well. Thank you to my Dad and Mom, they both never had put pressure on me to focus on studies rather they encouraged me to continue in cricket. Big thank you to my wife, @roy_susmita7 who has always been on my side from the time she has come in my life. Without her constant support, I would have not made it to the point where I’m today in life. And to all my teammates, past and present and also to the cricket association of bengal, and all the members of the associations who all have played a role in my journey. And how can I not mention to the cricketing admirers who all have wished me throughout my ups and downs and made me a cricketing figure in today’s world. A big thank u from the bottom of my heart. That’s it. If I have missed anyone whom I have missed mentioning here then please do accept my apology. In search of purpose of life 🙏 THANK YOU CRICKET 🏏

Manoj Tiwary made his ODI debut in 2008 and his T20I debut in 2011, and he played 12 ODI matches and 3 T20I matches. He has scored 287 runs in ODI matches, including a hundred.

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